Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alicia--part 1.

Ok, so Alicia has always been the one that will do anything for a good picture. The first time i ever took her pictures, she walked through mud in her coach shoes. hahah BUT, this time was waaay more extreme. So, we're driving around looking for old abandoned houses when we see this one on the side of the road... We stop. Neither one of us see a no trespassing sign, so we get out and start taking pictures. We never stepped foot inside the house. Well, after we were finished, we got in the car and we were getting ready to pull out when i saw a woman behind the car writing down alicia's license plate number. I was like...WTF? We both get out and she asked us for our info. And then told us that she KNOWS we went into the house and blah blah blah. Well, i finally prove to her(with the pictures) that we did NOT go inside. In the meantime, her dad was freaking out on alicia on the phone. Asking why we were there, where we lived, and why we were taking pictures. Then i hear him say "Have the police got there yet?" Ok, by this time i was freaking out. We've never been in trouble at all. hahah The first police officer gets there and he figures out our story is legit, and that we're telling the truth. He tells us we can leave, but then the lady said that her dad was on her way. He wanted to talk to us and the police. So, we waited. But then, i look to the left and i see two more police cars pull in. With their flashers on, of course. Let's make a big scene. Her dad gets there...I explain the situation, show him the pictures, and apologize. Everything is good. When we pulled out of the driveway he yells and says "Send me some copies of those pictures!" hahahahahahahahah

Moral of the story: Never go to an abandoned house without permission :)

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